About Beryl Compounds

WHAT: Platform focused on bone health (human and veterinary)

  • Small molecule – Fatty Acyl Amides (FAAs) 

    • IP protected

    • Multiple paths to market 

    • Food additive, DSHEA, medical food, pharmaceutical

WHY: Potential Benefits

  • Dual mechanism – net positive for bone formation                            Left to Right: Yossi Tam, DMD, PhD, Raphael

    • Aimed to:​                                                                                     Mechoulam, PhD, Co-Founders Lisa Padilla and 
      • ​Maximize peak bone mass                                                   Allison Drew Klein
      • Stabilize aging bone                                         

      • Rescue lost bone

  • Orally bio-available

    • Long history of safe, oral consumption (Mediterranean diet, olive oil)

    • Components on GRAS list

HOW: Endogenous modulator bone homeostasis 

  • Linkage to human wellness and disease

Novel and Innovative Science

The Science Story – Skeletal Lipidomics 

Modeling & Remodeling Establishes and Maintains Bone

  • Dynamic, synchronous process

    • Localized signals, responsive to body status

  • Mineralization – prepubescent

  • Build strength & mass – puberty

  • Maintenance during aging - adulthood

Fatty Acids - Energy, Signaling Agents, Modulators

  • Machinery to synthesize and degrade FAAs present in bone

  • Oleoyl Serine (OS) - present in trabecular bone

    • Hypothesis: OS family - endogenous modulators of bone homeostasis

Prader Willi Syndrome
Dual Effect of HU671.png
HU-671 Dual Effect.png
OVX Reduction in OS and BMD.png

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