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Beryl is developing a patented 1st-in-class small molecule to maximize peak bone mass and treat low bone mineral density resulting from disease or naturally associated with aging. 


Our vision is to create a new frontier in bone health based on the discovery that lipids are important signaling molecules with a role in regulating bone mass.


Compounds in the Beryl platform maximize the structural properties of bone and bone strength to build stronger bodies. These innovations will bring hope to the treatment of bone disease.



Currently, there are no safe bone therapeutics to increase bone mass in children. 

Beryl's lead compound, HU-671, is derived from food ingredients that are common and listed on the FDA's Generally Regarded as Safe (GRAS) list, so we anticipate a favorable safety profile when we do our FDA-mandated  toxicology studies.   

HU-671 is a 1st-in-class lipidomic which has a unique complimentary dual-mechanism of action on bone – stimulating the formation of new bone (anabolic) and inhibiting breakdown of bone (anti-resorptive), with a net positive for formation. Among bone-active compounds, HU-671 is a small molecules, unique in the pattern of affecting bone turnover and supporting bone health.

HU-671 is being developed first to improve bone parameters in pediatric patients with Prader-Willi Syndrome.

Prader-Willi Syndrome (PWS) is a multisystem disease that includes low bone mineral density (BMD).  HU-671's dual mechanism of action with a net pro-formative effect, complemented by anticipated safety and convenient oral administration, creates an attractive therapeutic profile for treating PWS-related bone issues. 

Beryl plans to explore the use of our therapeutic candidates in other rare pediatric diseases that affect bone (i.e., osteogenesis imperfecta, Fragile X Primary Ovarian Insufficiency, and others).

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The Beryl compounds are unique in their profile of activity and safety. They have a complementary dual mechanism of action that maximizes bone formation, are naturally derived, and administered orally.


HU-671 is our lead molecule. It has been shown to prevent bone loss and rescue lost bone in animal models of PWS and osteoporosis. Our first target indication is the treatment of Prader-Willi Syndrome, a rare pediatric disease that includes impaired bone formation. HU-671 is being developed to reverse low BMD and reduce bone fragility and fracture risk in PWS patients. Other rare pediatric diseases affecting bone, as well as osteoporosis of aging, are future targets with molecules in the portfolio.  


Our 2nd lead molecule, HU-639, is present in foods including nuts and vegetable oils and is also present naturally in bone and blood.  HU-639 has been shown to be associated with supporting human bone health. Beryl is focused on a purified form that is suitable for use as a nutritional supplement (DSHEA), a medical food or a food additive.   

Three Generations



for Human Use



Our innovative approach to bone health stems from observations that adherence to a Mediterranean Diet, which is high in healthy plant foods, whole grains and olive oil, is associated with enhanced bone health.


Oleoyl Serine (OS), a lipid component of olive oil, was identified as an endogenous modulator of bone.

The Beryl platform has the potential to create a continuum of care – from nutritional products to support bone health to therapeutic candidates that can manage disease.

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