Improving Bone Health Using Skeletal Lipidomics

Beryl is developing a patented family of small molecules for multiple indications that impact bone mineral density ("BMD"). The portfolio includes compounds with nutritional uses for supporting bone health and therapeutic uses aimed at rescuing lost bone and forming new bone. 


The compounds have a unique dual mechanism of action on bone (mimicking healthy bone by acting as an anti-resorptive & pro-formative agent), are orally bio-available and are composed of Generally Regarded As Safe compounds.

Currently, there are no bone therapeutics on the market that are labeled for use in children.  Our lead therapeutic candidate, HU-671, is being developed first to improve bone parameters in Prader Willi Syndrome pediatric patients. Beryl will then develop other therapeutic candidates for use in other rare pediatric diseases that effect bone. 

Our second lead, HU-639, is suitable for use as a nutritional supplement (DSHEA), medical food or food additive. The compound is endogenous - found naturally in our bodies and in olive oil. 

Our A+ team is very experienced in bone, developing osteoporosis drugs and bringing nutritional products to market. 

As we develop these products, we are leveraging data for human and veterinary fields of use.

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